A WORLD OF WELLBEING ~Your Path to Wellbeing  ~



The last few months have been the most transformational part of my 60+ years existence. I look back with memories and gratitude to the person I was but realise it is now time to let her go.


Having existed through a process of conditioning, fear and lack of awareness. Protective armour and inbuilt coping strategies pervaded everything I ever did. Coming from a place of total disempowerment that emanated in my childhood, through my career choices and all my relationships. On reflection, how could I have ever have succeeded in anything!


Sure I had done work on myself, went to courses and read the books but was never able to complete the puzzle. I had all the pieces but I couldn't get them to fit together until now.


I have two beautiful people to thank for this new found clarity. Firstly, Ann Knox through her events, "The Truth Matters" and  " Awakening to the I Am" for her amazing insight, support and  true friendship. Also Patricia Iris Kerins for her wonderful workshop  "The Awakening to the Divine Feminine".  I feel truly awakened for the first time in my life!


We are truly blessed to have such inspiring people in our midst.


Prior to the new me; I  became interested in health when at 18 years of aged I was informed by a surgeon that I would have to live with chronic back pain. For the next 30 or so years I "managed" the condition until I discovered Yoga. Then gradually things changed and my bouts of chronic pain lessened and eventually disappeared. No one ever suggested this as a possible cure.


When I suffered a potentially life threatening autoimmune disorder Ideopathic  Thrombocytopaenia Purpura that affected my blood I developed a passion for research and understanding of how the body works or indeed fails to work at times.


I was not  able to unravel the mystery of my illness at that time and had to resort to the removal of my spleen which did provide a "cure" but left me with a vulnerable immune system. An ongoing challenge in itself that requires continuous pursuit of natural wellness as I resist the medical option of antibiotics for life.


So yes there are times when we do need conventional medicine for emergencies as a result of accidents and some surgical procedures are essential but by and large most conditions are either preventable or can be rectified if we can find the root cause. Only addressing the symptom makes no sense whatsoever if the root cause is not discovered and resolved.


My journey and research has led me on a mission to share my knowledge and product technologies that will help you maximum your potential for wellbeing. They are safe, effective, non invasive and well researched.    

 I am forever grateful for this wonderful journey, for the tools I have gathered up along the way, the knowledge I have gained and for the wonderful people I have met along the way.


For all that is to come I look forward to being the REAL ME in this new life.


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