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By wellbeing12, Jun 18 2012 06:29AM

The problem with natural/complimentary at the moment.

We do not have the backing of big pharma and the likes. Which begs the

Question "How can we possibly get access to the decision makers so we can get

an opportunity to influence change?"

We need to be able to get our point over which is we must get back to basics

and work on the real cause of disease and not just be treating the symptoms.

This is also relevant for all issues in our society today. To do this we need to

keep it simple and we can do this by addressing the root cause.

Unfortunately man's ego and interference means that everything has been made

complicated in order to proliferate industries that are mainly interested in making

money from the sick. So it is hardly surprising that big pharma holds so much


Sorry when I say "Man" that is a general term for mankind and not intended to be

sexist in any way..

So if you have any suggestions on how we can get our advanced technological

health products and services in front of people who may be able to make a difference,

to help change a mindset and for us to get an opportunity to make a difference.

It's a tall order I know but if you don't ask.........

It's really a matter of meeting the right people at the right time and that I am sure

will happen. When great minds come together miracles can happen.

By guest, Jun 17 2012 01:02PM

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