A WORLD OF WELLBEING ~Your Path to Wellbeing  ~

Total Light Experience – 1 hour


Light is essential  for life. All cells need light to replicate, regenerate, repair and restore. For over 50 years Light Therapy has been shown in independent research to deliver  powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissue and organisms.

You will experience either the benefits of Quantum Wave Laser Light Therapy, The Avalon - uses LED's (Light Emitting Doides), The Avalon White by Light  - a full tooth whitening session that addresses any infection, bone issues andmuch more.

Light is delivered through different wavelengths from Infrared Wave -  works on deep tissue, bone, ligaments, muscle, teeth and gums; Red Wave – works on soft tissue, blood, veins and nerves;
Blue Wave – working on surface tissue, skin;
Violet Wave -  works on rejuvenation, activates mitochondrial enzymes, genetic information, telomere length, stem cell generation and activation of DNA.


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