A WORLD OF WELLBEING ~Your Path to Wellbeing  ~

Total Wellness Experience  - 2 hour session


An in depth one to one session with Advanced Practitioner in Quantum Biofeedback SCIO -    
(Scientific Consciousness Interface Operating System)  
This 30+ year old evolving system leads the field in Bio-Energetic and Bio-response

This provides an unbiased overview of the client’s stressors and individual factors
pertinent to lifestyle and wellness and cannot be influenced either by the client or
the practitioner.

The Biofeedback device is connected to the client via a head strap, wrist and ankle
bands.  The clients reactivity is then tested on over 10,000 different reactions in three
and a half minutes. This provides the basis of the session and dialogue is
encouraged throughout to provide education and awareness with the aim of getting
to the root cause of any ailment.

Advice and guidance will be provided throughout on maintaining and improving
health. Various techniques can be utilised to help reduce the stressors within the
body. For specific information go to Products SCIO


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