A WORLD OF WELLBEING ~Your Path to Wellbeing  ~


Costs are open for further discussion and consideration will be given for children, seniors and low income clients.  

Family discounts and home visits are available.  

Depending on distance involved an additional travel charge may need to be added.



Total Wellness Experience  - 2 hour session - £90

An in depth one to one session with Advanced Practitioner in Quantum Biofeedback SCIO -     (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operating System)  


This 30+ year old evolving system leads the field in Bio-Energetic and Bio-response measurement. This provides an unbiased overview of the client’s stressors and individual factors  pertinent to lifestyle and wellness and cannot be influenced either by the client or the practitioner.


The Biofeedback device is connected to the client via a head strap, wrist and ankle bands.  The clients reactivity is then tested on over 10,000 different reactions in three and a half minutes. This provides the basis of the session and dialogue is encouraged throughout to provide education and awareness with the aim of getting to the root cause of any ailment.


Advice and guidance will be provided throughout on maintaining and improving health. Various techniques can be utilised to help reduce the stressors within the body. For specific information go to Products SCIO




Mini Wellness Experience  - 30 mins - £25


A basic Quantum Biofeedback SCIO session that will give relative information onyour body's vitamins, minerals, digestion, absorption, hormones and  current stressors.

You will also be made aware of your overall Energetic Age, Tissue Age and Overall Metabolic Age based on the 10.000 or so reactions. This can help to pinpoint areas that require to be addressed. If necessary I can provide you with relative advice and options.  




Total Light Experience – 1 hour – £35 per person and £60 for two


Light is essential  for life. All cells need light to replicate, regenerate, repair and restore. For over 50 years Light Therapy has been shown in independent research to deliver  powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissue and organisms.


You will experience either the benefits of Quantum Wave Laser Light Therapy, The Avalon - uses LED's (Light Emitting Doides), The Avalon White by Light  - a full tooth whitening session that addresses any infection, bone issues and much more.


Light is delivered through different wavelengths from Infrared Wave -  works on deep tissue, bone, ligaments, muscle, teeth and gums; Red Wave – works on soft tissue, blood, veins and nerves; Blue Wave – working on surface tissue, skin; Violet Wave -  works on rejuvenation, activates mitochondrial enzymes, genetic information, telomere length, stem cell generation and activation of DNA.




Mini Light Experience – 30 minutes - £20 per person, £30 for two

An introduction to Light Therapy with the choice of one of the above light therapies.




Bio Energizer & Detoxification System  - 30 Mins £25 for one session reduced to £100 for 6 sessions. The benefits are very much accumulative.

 Group Discounts available at your home or place of work £10 for minimum of 6


This is a fun and relaxing therapy.  Simply sit back and relax while your feet are  immersed in a basin of warm salted water. A cartridge placed in the water produces

a gentle increase in circulation that helps clear blockages, improves lymph activity and increases the detoxification process.  


It works on all levels within the body reducing stress, improving skin condition and Leaves you  feeling revitalised and rebalanced.        


Effects of this session will continue on for several days afterwards provided you keeps well hydrated. Each session creates a cumulative effect and I have continually observed the maximum benefit with clients over six plus sessions either taken once or twice per week.  


See Products Bio Energizer for Contra Indications and more info




Nikken Wellbeing Experience –  £10 per visit – normally home visit


Nikken provide safe, effective and well researched products for wellness and address a number of important health issues. Sleep and quality water are essential to

wellbeing.  Learn more about the important of these two elements.


The session will include a "Nikken Roll-out on a Nikken Mattress pad which equates to sleeping overnight on a Nikken Sleep System and will take about 30 minutes.  The  technology will be explained and you will have an opportunity

to actually have a trial of the product if you would like.


*Using and sharing  Nikken wellness products for the past 14 years  has been an

 absolute joy with so many people benefiting from improved sleep  and  affordable

 safe water products.



 For your appointments or if you need any more information


 Call Sheila on  0800 970 8505 / 07974 222 152 / 01764  686 816 or e-mail

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